Who Do I Love to Watch?

Good morning everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing 5 of my absolute favorite YouTubers!

I’m going to be focusing more on lifestyle and motivating YouTubers for this post since that’s what I am focusing this blog on.

You will notice there is not much diversity here. So please, recommend some of your favorite YouTubers, especially diverse ones.

Let’s do this.

These are in no particular order, either. They are just listed. But the top three are the three that I try to watch regularly.

5. Lavendaire

So, Lavendaire just has such a peaceful and calm aesthetic that just brings me back down to earth if I’m having a minor freak out. Their voice is so soothing and their videos so motivating. I haven’t watched any in a while, but I definitely need to again soon.

4. MuchelleB

When it comes to MuchelleB, I absolutely love the motivation that I get from their videos. I can’t get over how put together everything seems in their life. Obviously, I know that’s not always the case, but I feel MuchelleB shows that in their videos. That not everything is perfect, but they try their hardest to be their best self.

3. Phil and Alex

This family is just the cutest. So, minor back story on them: these two have been struggling with infertility for a long time, doing treatments, and anything they can. They adopted two beautiful little girls during this journey and just found out that they are pregnant!

I haven’t been able to watch their videos recently because of the struggles I’ve been going through, but I couldn’t be happier for them. They deserve this and the world. I try to stay updated through Instagram and reading the titles of their videos.

2. Rachelleea

Rachelleea is one of those channels that I just can’t help but watching. They’ve shared struggles that they’ve been having with life choices and university and stuff like that. They’re relatable and motivating. I couldn’t ask for more.

Rachelleea just moved to Canada for the remainder of the year to knock that off their bucket list and try to figure out where to go from here.

1. Kalyn Nicholson/KOZE

Kalyn Nicholson is the YouTuber that I’ve felt the most connected with EVER. I don’t know what it is since we live very different lives, but there’s just something. I don’t question the universe when this happens, I just let it.

I have felt a bit less connected with Kalyn recently, but I’ve also felt less connected with myself. I’m gradually getting back to the place where I not only feel connected to myself, but to Kalyn as well.

That’s it! I hope you all enjoyed and don’t forget to share some of your favorite lifestyle YouTubers down below. I will be eternally grateful!

Just as a warning, I am going to be making some changes to my website. I currently have the website that is like a “home base” where you can find anything author related. I’m getting rid of that completely. I’m going to have the main page be these posts and this blog.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you all stick around for future posts!

What Do I Want To Do After Graduation?

Good morning everyone! I’m someone who seems to be getting my life back on track and doing the things I want to do.

Now, no one has asked, but I think this is something I would like to discuss with you all since it relates to what I’m doing here.

So, I’m currently working on my Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing. This term I’m taking a seminar on American Literature with a focus on loss of innocence. Next term is a class focused on Diversity and one on Critical Thinking. And (hopefully) my final term will be Intro to Cultural Anthropology and Editing with a focus on media and publication.

I’m hoping that’s it for classes I need and my degree evaluation says I’ll be graduating in June of 2020.

That’s only a few months away. So what am I planning to do once I have my degree?

Good. Question. I’m hoping to start an internship with a publisher, I have one in mind but I really don’t want to jinx it. The issue I have is that a lot of major publishers are in NYC. I don’t want to live there for many a reasons, one of the main ones being my anxiety would go even more out of control if I were there.

But that’s getting side tracked. I’m really hoping to find a job in publishing where I’ll be able to work from home or one that isn’t in the Big City.

My ultimate dream would being able to have the ability to promote smaller books to a larger audience. Indies, books by smaller publishers, stuff like that. Helping these authors get their books to their ultimate potential and showing readers that books that are published independently or even romances in general aren’t books they should overlook and these books have just as much potential as the bigger titles they hear about often.

How am I going to get there? Just working hard and having your support. Knowing that I have a support system is the most important thing to me. So continue to support me and my adventures.

Make sure you follow this blog so you can follow my journey. Follow my Instagram to watch my breakdowns and the “behind the scenes.” Aka the struggles I go through that I may not always show here.

Again, thank you all for your support up to this point and I hope that it continues to help me achieve my dreams.

Let me know in the comments what you would like to do when you “grow up!”

Thanks for joining me and I’ll see you all in the next one.

What Are My Goals For November?

Good morning everyone! I hope you enjoyed my first post and thank you so much for checking out my second! 

Today I’m going to be telling you all some goals that I have for November.

I’m currently on a journey to better myself, both for myself and my son. I want him growing up to be the best person he can be and one step to that is having a role model that has her crap together.

So, one of my best friends gave me a Happy Planner and a bunch of accessories because she’s amazing and too good for me. But anyway!

So, one of the planner extensions was a monthly overview that I’m currently using. It tracks a Top Three, four monthly habits, and room for other things. So I made a list of a few things I want to work on.

First, my habit tracker.

I’ve decided to track my water intake as my first habit. I drink water, but not nearly close to the amount that I should be.

I decided that I’m going to add a little bit each month. This month is 2 bottles. I have a water bottle that is huge. It’s 40oz. I can drink one bottle just fine at work. But then at home, I don’t drink any. So I’m thinking drinking two bottles of water a day is a good amount for now.

My second and third habit are reading and writing every day. As of writing this post, I have done none of these goals.

The last is just to take my vitamins every day. Except, again, I haven’t done that today. So oops. Great start to the month.

other goals

A few more goals I have are:

-Sticking to my routines

This one I’m not too strict about. As long as I do the general things that I want to get done and can try to stick to my sleep schedule, I’m counting it as a win.

-Positive Thinking

I am such a Negative Nancy. I just want to be better.

-Drink Your Water

-Write For Your Life

-Do Your Schoolwork

So I do the work, I just push it off until the last minute. I need to not do that anymore. Especially since I’m in the last bout of classes and they are mostly all higher level ones.

-Work Hard

-Keep Going

-You Can Do This

So these three aren’t really goals, but more just things I want to keep in mind throughout November. I have a lot planned for the month, so I’m going to have some negative thoughts every once in a while when it seems to be too much. But I’ll think about these mantras and hopefully it will help.

Thank you so much for joining me. Make sure you let me know some goals that you have for November! We can motivate each other to keep the positive vibes going.

Let’s Get To Know Each Other

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are doing well!

Thank you so much for joining me in this post. I have been looking forward to this day since I started making this website. I will get a bit more into that a bit later. I’ll try to keep this introduction brief, but something you should know about me is that I ramble. A lot.

So make sure you comment below and introduce yourself as well! Let’s get to know each other.

To start this off, hi! I’m Amanda, obviously, and I run not only this blog, but a book one as well. Over there I discuss reading and writing through reviews, lists, and discussions. Click here to go over there to check that out.

I’m 24 years old, a mother to a wonderful 4 year old, and a wife to a husband that I love dearly, but boy does he drive me insane sometimes.

I really hope I can use this blog to connect with people who are going through the same things as me. If you knew me before this post, you probably knew about my other blog when I tried make that my lifestyle blog, then you know the general idea. But for those who don’t know, brief idea of what I’m trying to make this.

One of the biggest things is my journey with infertility. I have been trying to get pregnant for my second child since Jan/Feb of 2016. In June 2019, I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks with the first detectable pregnancy since starting to try. If you all want a more in depth post about how that all went down, please let me know.

Even the post I made on the other blog wasn’t very articulate. I was just trying to get it out. I needed to share it and I didn’t really pay attention to what I was writing. Just that I was getting the story out there.

Just know, if you’re struggling with getting pregnant or have had a miscarriage, you’re not alone. If you need to talk, please don’t hesitate to send me a private message comment on here. Send me an email if you have to. You’re not alone.

But other than my journey with infertility and hopefully soon pregnancy, I will be discussing a lot of planning and motivation stuff.

I work a weird shift that I know other people work. That I know other parents work. I work 10pm to 7am Sunday through Thursday every week. So the question I get the most is “how do you do it?” I will be getting into that a lot here. Getting into how I don’t do it and how I’m working on being able to do it.

So, I will be posting on this blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Except this week. This week I’m posting today (Friday) and I’ll be posting something else tomorrow (Saturday). Then it will start into my normal schedule.

I do hope that you all stick around for all of these. I would love to chat with you all in the comments. So make sure you comment with your name and a fun fact about you! I hope to speak to you all there!

Like this post and share it on the social media! I’ll see you all in a couple days for my next one!

Welcome to my Blog!

A full introductory post to come soon, but for now, I wanted to just stop in and say hi and welcome!

I’m going to be focusing this portion of the website on my life as a mother, vegan, and planning addict. You all will be joining me as much as I am comfortable with my journey with infertility through 2020 (where I hope to take the next step in this journey if I don’t end up pregnant before then), hopefully moving out of my tiny little apartment into something bigger, and so much more!

I hope you all stick around for these things and I can help you feel not so alone in this big ole world. Let’s chat in the comments! See you all very soon (aka Nov 1st when my first official post will be going live)!